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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Title: Truesight
Author: David Stahler, Jr.
Grade: B+

I picked up Truesight over the weekend based on a recommendation from a presenter at TLA. As I read it, I kept thinking how much it reminded me of Lois Lowry's The Giver.

Jacob, the main character in the novel, is blind. So is everyone in his colony. They pride themselves on their blindness and look down on Seers (those outside the colony who can see). Jacob is nearing his 13th birthday when he will be given his lifelong career (much like The Giver). However, shortly before his birthday, Jacob starts getting blinding headaches and seeing flashes of light. Soon his eyesight is fully restored. Jacob starts to see things around him that shock him. The colony isn't as perfect as he thought it was. Once it is revealed that Jacob can see, he has to make the choice between having the surgery to restore his eyesight or leaving the colony (and his family and friends) forever.

This story is geared towards a junior high audience. I really enjoyed the concept behind the book, but was a little disappointed in the too obvious execution. However, it is a quick, fairly interesting read and I think most young teens will find it fascinating.

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thx for ruining the ending