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Thursday, May 17, 2007

River Secrets

Title: River Secrets
Author: Shannon Hale
Rating: A+++

Continuing the Bayern Saga from her previous two novels (Goose Girl and Enna Burning), River Secrets picks up at the war's end with the main characters headed on a mission to ensure that peace is maintained. As with her past novels, old characters wrestle to control their powers (Wind Speech and Fire Speech), while new characters emerged with new and equally impressive powers.

Although the superhuman powers remain a key focus in this novel as in her past works, River Secrets follows Razo, whose lack of superhuman powers, make for a more believable and realistic tale which still manages to weave elements of the outrageous into an extraordinary adventure story.

Although Ms. Shannon's fantasy world is highly different from that of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, I find that many teens who enjoyed Twilight also love Hale's tales from Bayern! All I can say is write quickly, Ms. Hale...I expect a fourth installment soon!

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