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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Author Interviews

I would like to see more author interviews on A True Reality. So far, we have only had one. I would love, love, love to interview John Green, but I do not ever see that coming to fruition for the following reasons:
a. He is much too famous now.
b. We have gushed over him way too much on this blog. It would be embarrassing if he ever read it. And my constant references to him as my boyfriend don't help.
c. Cody has written two very unflattering entries about him which I would also not want John to see. I feel that Cody is a bit jealous of John Green because John Green rivals Cody in geeky hotness.

I know that everyone (all three of us) here at A True Reality would love to interview Stephenie Meyer. Interviewing her would be like someone from my high school newspaper interviewing (insert famous movie star name here).

Maybe there won't be interviews with Stephenie Meyer or John Green on this blog. BUT, we will be doing some more author interviews (via email, of course). And we promise not to ask lame questions like "Who is your favorite character and why?".


John Green said...

If you email me (sparksflyup =at= gmail) questions, I will totally answer them.

Technorati-ing himself,
John Green

Sheryl said...

Holly, did you know that Meg Cabot has boyfriends too? Warren Buffett, Al Gore, and John Smeaton. So if she can have them, then I think it's okay for you too!