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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ana's Story

Okay, I am interested. I'm interested in reading Jenna Bush's Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope that is about a 17 year-old Panamanian girl with HIV, a girl Jenna met and interviewed while working for UNICEF. I admit that I always thought of the Bush daughters as party-goers and not really quite worthy of taking seriously (although I do think it's tough to be a "first child" and the public should be understanding of what it's like to be a teen). This seems like a potentially serious and interesting story, and I find it really interesting that it is targeted at teens. The story I read about it says it reads like a novel, so maybe it won't be "preachy." Could be very good. I am also interested to see the publicity events surrounding it and what Jenna will do after this. I would love to see her go on "The Daily Show" and/or "The Colbert Report!" I hope she gets a website and maybe a MySpace and all of that going if she wants to reach teens. I couldn't find any as of now. I wonder how many teens will actually be interested in reading this.

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