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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Frenemies of the Library

Isn't it ironic that everyday most libraries are overrun with teens, yet good luck getting more than 2 of them to ever show up to one of your planned programs! Therefore, I have developed a new organization at my library to make use of these vital teen stats that are going wasted every month! My new Frenemies of the Library will use these teens to achieve the following three objectives: 1) up the teen statistics every month; 2) create a variety of programming that require absolutely no work for the YA librarian; 3) MOST IMPORTANTLY, all Frenemies of the Library programs are designed specifically to piss the hell out of your older collegues!

Upcoming Frenemies of the Library events at my library:

Skating @ the Library
Ok, now I know there are those that will say the library installed those kickass ramps because of some ADA law....WRONG! What better way to pass the afternoon than to host an extreme sports competition. I mean, what's the worst that could happen, a free trip in an abulance? And, as an added bonus, it will also give you a change to distribute all your lastest skating and car periodicals. Save your library the time of cataloging and processing of these items and merely give them away so that your teens don't have to go to the trouble of stealing them all! I see nothing but a win-win situation here.

Kickin', Screamin', and Gamin'
Host a special evening of online gaming for your teens. Now, unlike most computer program your library hosts, this should NOT take place in a special computer lab. Instead, scatter your teens on random computers throughout your quietest areas of your reference section. Now, have the teens compete...whichever can make the most noise while doing the most pointless computer activity will win. I recommend hosting this program in the early evenings...right when the majority of your adult population is trying to actually use the computers for meaningful reasons - it will be fun all around.


Sheryl said...

I miss your great library ideas! It's so hard to find appropriate things to do now. :(

Holly said...

Great ideas for summer programming. Can't wait to implement them with my teens! :)