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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pants on Fire

Title: Pants on Fire
Author: Meg Cabot
Grade: D-

I just finished listening to the audio of Pants on Fire and I cannot even begin to say how disappointed I was. I have read almost all of Meg Cabot's books and enjoyed most of them. I was looking forward to a pleasant drive to and from work listening to her newest creation. Oh. My. Gosh. I have never been so annoyed at an audiobook. There were times when I was literally shouting at my CD player. "You already said that! FIFTEEN times!" The story lasted like the span of three days and nothing really happens during that time other than the main character, Katie, repeating key phrases over and over again. I can not even tell you how many times she said "What is wrong with me!" and "But, he is so hot!" Also, Katie is supposed to be this supremely likable person. Almost perfect, in fact, despite her tendency to lie. I don't know if it was just the tone the narrator used on the audiobook or what, but she came across as a whiny brat. And she was always yelling at her makeout boys, yet they still kept coming back for more. Really? I did not find much likable about her other than the fact that she rode a bike rather than drive because she cared about the environment.

I still love Meg Cabot, but let's just say this was not her finest work.


Sheryl said...

Hehe, I laughed when I read her single redeeming quality. :) I imagine it's hard to come up with that many great story lines and churn them out all the time. One thing you can say for JG (who is dead to me, btw), he may be a writer of hardcore pornography, but at least his books aren't all alike. Granted, he's only written two so far . . .

Sheryl said...

Oh, yeah, was there anything in it that would get her banned in a HS library? You know that's her new goal.

Holly said...

No, definitely nothing ban-worthy. No cussing, no sex, not even a little fondling.