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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Drama: The Four Dorothys

Title: Drama: The Four Dorothys
Author: Paul Ruditis
Rating: C+

Set at an exclusive private high school in Malibu, The Four Dorothys chronicles the weeks leading to the school's Spring production of the Wizard of Oz; however, this musical is not your average school play! Unlike most school musicals, the principal decreed that every student would get a role...therefore, there are 4 Dorothys, 2 scarecrows, 2 Glinda.....you get the point. It seems to be working fine....until a series of mysterious events leaves fewer and fewer Dorothys. Bryan and the other drama kids must solve the crimes so that their show can go on! The Four Dorothys is a light, somewhat entertaining romp through the fantasy land that is high school in Hollywood.

The good: Ok, who can't love that cover art...half High School Musical, half the Wizard of Oz! I must commend the author on his knowledge of the Wizard of Oz. He had me out of bed at 1 AM watching the DVD extras of the deleted Jitterbug scene (WAY creepy!!!)

The bad: Honestly, this just wasn't a very good book. It was ok if you want a really, really fluff piece to take to the beach, but it was a complete no brainer.

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