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Monday, June 11, 2007

Necklace Craft

Since my fellow blogmates raved so much about this book, I decided to check out Hardwear with the hopes of forming a cool program. I was really impressed with the book, but a lot of the projects seemed like they would be too expensive to actually work for a craft program. However, one project that really stuck out was "nut" necklace featured on the the cover.

Based on my calculations, this project would cost about 50 cents per necklace and take about 25 minutes to complete. (I would guess this could stretch to 45-60 minutes with young teens, snacks, and music.) I would however advise you use embroidery floss (I started out with a thin rope that kept raveling whenever I tried to make the knots.) I also recommend using triple knots rather than double knots - ESPECIALLY on the top two nuts....since they are only supported by one thread. The only other thing I feel the need to note is that each participant will probably need one whole thing of embroidery floss (the kind that cost about 25 cents.)


Sheryl said...

Ooh, I love it! Did you make that one? Who is wearing it? Are you going to do it at the library?

We were supposed to take a picture of S's "washer skirt" the other day and post it. I guess we never did.

Children's Librarian Extraordinaire said...

I did make that...and one of my fellow librarians offered to model it (even though the red totally clashed with her pink sweater!) We're planning on doing it this fall (since our summer programming is already planned out.) I'll let you know how it goes.