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Monday, June 4, 2007

New Boy

Title: New Boy
Author: Julian Houston
Rating: A-

I know this book is a couple years old, but I saw it on the shelf last weekend and thought it looked interesting....little did I know that I'd be so entertained. New Boy traced the experience of Rob Garrett, an black teen growing up in Virginia during segregation. In an attempt to give him a better education, Rob's parents send him to a boarding school in Connecticut, where he will be the first black student. Now, Rob must face not only the challenges of life in the Northern "white" society, but the difficulties of overcoming the separation from his family, friends, and the excitement of the budding civil rights movement in his hometown.

In New Boy, Mr. Houston is able to weave an interesting and entertaining tale that tackles the issues of racism, the civil rights movement, and just good ol' teenage angst. If I were teaching a high school English or history class, this book would definitely be on the required reading list!

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