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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Geeky Hot

The lovely ladies over at Books, Boys, Buzz recently did a post on "Geeky Cute Authorboyz." Topping their list was John Green. Now we here at ATR have oft referred to John Green as Geeky Hot(tm). In fact, it was in one such embarrassing post that John Green stumbled across our site which led to my favorite author interview we have done so far. I was surprised to see how geeky hot Marcus Zusak is. He doesn't write the way he looks, if that makes any sense.

Getting back to the point, I would like to add another YA author to the "Geeky Cute Authorboyz" list: Adam Selzer. I read his book, How to Get Suspended and Influence People, this weekend and I loved it. I also couldn't help noticing his picture in the back book jacket. Yes, my friends, Adam Selzer belongs on the Geeky Hot list. Another interesting thing about Adam Selzer is that he works for Weird Chicago Tours. I kid you not, when I was in Chicago, my friends and I were all set to take the Weird Chicago Ghost Tour! The plans fell through, but still...neat-o coincidence, right?

Side note: Is it just me, or do I have way too many links in this post? Also, is it a sign that I blog too much when I wish I could do HTML links during everyday conversation? Like I was trying to verbally explain to my sister about the new bed we were getting and I kept wishing I could just link to it.


Ronni said...

If you want to blog about how hot Adam is, please, by all means, keep doing so. :)

Sheryl said...

You also know that you are blogging too much when events happen to you and you are thinking about them in terms of how you are going to blog about them. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I took that picture. Wait til you guys see the one we did for the next book, it's VINTAGE hotness! =)

Holly said...

Just to clarify, I am married to my own geeky hot boy. My admiration of geeky hotness is all in good fun and not in scary, stalker manner. ;)

Ronni said...

Holly, totally understood, and I totally don't blame you. Geeky hot boys are awesome. :)

Ronni said...

And if you get back out to Chicago, you should DEFINITELY try to take the Weird Chicago tour. It's a lot of fun, plus you learn a lot about the city and get to see a lot of it as well.

Tera Lynn Childs said...

How awesome are you guys? This is the first known link-back to one of my BuzzBlog posts! (And it happens to be one of my personal faves of all time.) Thanks so much for this mention and for the link on the John Green pornographer post. =) You made my Monday!

Great catch with Adam Selzer. He is totally list-worthy. I'm working on an addendum that currently includes Adam and Bennett Madison. Any recommendations are welcome.

Markus Zusak. Sigh. The Book Thief. Sigh. And he's Australian. Double sigh.

Hugs all,
[adopted Texan]