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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Visibility by Sarah Neufeld

Visibility by Sarah Neufeld is a fictional story about Natalie, a painfully shy girl who is all too aware that she is "normal." Natalie's mother, Jadyn, has the ability to turn invisible. The world knows of Jadyn's powers and dislikes her for her unwillingness to use her powers for good. Natalie has a very cool relationship with her mother and so she does not divulge the fact that, on her 17th birthday, Natalie realizes she is able to become invisible as well.

I found Visibility to be an interesting story. I really liked the premise...a teen superhero who has an angsty relationship with her mom. I kept thinking of the animated movie, The Incredibles. Another interesting aspect of the story are the drawings interspersed throughout the book. Natalie's bodyguard is an artist who loves to draw caricatures and superheros in his free time. The reader is able to get a glimpse of those drawings. One thing I did not like about the novel is the lack of character development. I would have liked to know more about Jadyn's mother, a very unlikable person, but who perhaps is misunderstood. Also, Natalie is shown as a really shy teen living in her mom's shadow, but we don't get much more than that. Visibility doesn't have romance, or even humor, but it does have suspense, some action, and an intriguing plot.

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