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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Queen Geeks in Love

Laura Preble's second novel, Queen Geeks in Love, continues the story of four friends determined to change the world (or at least their high school) in the most geektastic of ways (a website, a graphic novel, and a geek talent show, in case you are wondering). In Love also focuses on Shelby and her newfound relationship with Fletcher. Shelby is a total commitment-phobe and literally gets sick to her stomach at the thought of getting serious with a boy. The other Queen Geeks (Becca, Amber, and Elisa) also make their own attempts at relationships all the while expanding their club and planning a talent show of epic proportions.

Although I haven't read the prequel, Queen Geeks Social Club, I didn't feel lost while reading In Love. At first, I found Shelby's "witty" remarks a little lame and I was annoyed at her inability to communicate with her boyfriend. Then, I remembered that this book is aimed at a much younger crowd and I tried to view the story through the eyes of young teen. I also felt like the Queen Geeks weren't all that likable. Considering they were best friends, they didn't seem very supportive of each other initially. And why did Shelby feel the need to narrate about how much her fat friend was eating (example: "I think she ate half the large pie all by herself.")? For a group of girls who sent Twinkies to super skinny supermodels in the first book, they sure were focused on the fact that their friend is chubby and likes to eat. But, the girls totally rallied. I started to actually care about the characters and they seemed to grow more likable. Even the sense of humor improved as the book wore on. And, hey, I really liked Shelby's robot, Euphoria, who acts more like a mom than a robot.

This is the sort of book that, as a librarian, I know exactly the types of readers who would enjoy it (not the type that reads Gossip Girls, but maybe the more emo, artsy, or "geeky" kids). In fact, Sheryl mentioned to me the other day that a 10th grader at her school asked her to order them for the library. Apparently, she loves them. So, even though Amazon has the reading level at ages 9-12, it can definitely appeal to older readers (actually, considering some of the language and romantic relationships, I would probably steer it more towards the 12 and up sect). I look forward to reading more adventures of the Queen Geeks.

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Sheryl said...

Like I told you the other day, I have a student who really liked the first book (she hasn't read this one).