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Sunday, December 23, 2007

"New"" for Young Adults

This was a nice review of Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian in the Houston Chronicle today. I was pleased to see coverage of YA lit there. I thought it was interesting, however, that the title says "New for Young Adults." I will certainly not be looking here for "new" books if this is their idea of "new" since the book has been out for months, and he won the National Book Award back in October. Although I liked the book well enough, I have noticed that it hasn't been a huge hit with our students. Even the book club students we've persuaded to read it have not really loved it. Maybe we just have not found the right readers for it yet.

Also, a note to bloggers: Click here to learn how to complete the phrase "I hate ___" to dramatically increase traffic to your site. I am not including it here so as not to get too many irrelevant visitors. We're already getting too many from the suggestive subject line that Cody wrote about Vanessa Hudgens's sex tape and, recently, for this picture that Holly included. I guess this phrase would have been a better, easier plan than the one I had about author costumes. Who knew?


Cody said...

I'm telling you, I was completely disappointed by this book...it was neither original nor all that funny. I can totally see why your students don't like it...I have NEVER had anyone ask for this book (and I don't often mention it!)

Sheryl said...

Someone posted a comment on the YALSA-BK list to the effect of, "The book has YA content but is written like a middle grade book." I never thought about it like that, but it does make sense to me. I know lots of librarians have been loving it, but like I said, I haven't found any students who like it yet.