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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beastly Movie

According to this article in The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Flinn's Beastly is going to be made into a movie by CBS Films as early as 2009. I haven't read it yet because SOME library system hasn't gotten it yet (I am the only one who has it requested, too), but I thought it was a student who turns into the beast, not a teacher.

Update: I haven't seen any official pages for the movie, but Vanessa Hudgens is confirmed in her role and Alex Pettyfer is rumored to be starring opposite as Kyle (ie. the beast). The book is told from Kyle's perspective.

Next update: Mary Kate Olsen has been cast as the witch who casts the spell on Kyle. I can see it.

Update III: Neil Patrick Harris is playing the tutor!


Ink Mage said...

Ooh, that's cool! I haven't read it yet, either (although at least my library's getting), but I'm sure it will be good because the author's other books have been. And it will be neat if the novel (faithfully!) adapted for the big screen.

Alex said...

It is a student. Hollywood Reporter corrected it. Someone must have heard "teacher" for "teenager" or something. Enjoy the book.

Anonymous said...

No it says teacher! Which is soo not cool because i have read the book and it was a student! I hate it when directors mess with good stories. and supposedly vanessa hudgens is playing the lead girl and she is not like the description of the girl at all!

Anonymous said...

i know! i really loved the book (retellings, if told well, are magic)... but vanessa hudgens? really? alex pettyfer would be perfect for the beast (if im a little biased), not sure about v.h. tho!
if anything- read the book!

Anonymous said...

I read this book and loved it!! its the perfect modern twist on a classic story (beauty and the beast)i think Alex Pettyfer would be on point casted as Kyle Kingsbury.. but Vanessa does NOT fit the average looking red head mousey description of Linda Owen..

and if the producers and writers ever change the story in at least the tiniest most insignifficant details they'll screw up the whole thing!! let a good story be!!!

Anonymous said...

Alex will be a great Kyle, but Lindy is supposed to be pale with freckles, red hair, and green eyes. Vanessa doesn't really seem like the right description. I think Lauren Mandel would have been perfect instead! Mary Kate and Neil should be good too, though I pictured Will to be a little younger. I hope they do a good job - Beastly is one of my favorite books!