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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Napkin Project

I don't read Esquire much because we don't subscribe to it at my library, and it's obviously more of a guy magazine than a girl one (also, I can barely keep up with all the magazines I subscribe to as it is). So I think I've been missing out on a lot of book coverage there. Like this very cool Napkin Fiction Project. Esquire sent 250 napkins to published authors and then got the authors to return stories written on the napkins. I want a YA author one!

Every so often I get great ideas, and I think this might be another (although, of course, I am completely stealing it from Esquire and it's not quite as great as my costume idea). I think David Levithan should collect napkin stories from a bunch of YA authors. I only suggest him because he's an editor, seems to know lots of authors, and has done other anthologies, so this seems like a natural fit (and I also love him). But really anyone would be fine with me. I'd offer to collect them and post them here on ATR, which would be very cool, but I don't have the author connections. I just want to read them.

This one called "Sarah II" by J.M. Tyree reminds me of another story I've read recently, but I can't put my finger on it. Any ideas what it is?

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