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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are hugely popular among the teens at my library. As the YA librarian, I try to read the same books my teens are reading, but I have not been able to force myself to read graphic novels. I just don't like pictures with my books for the same reason that I always read the book before watching the movie. I like to form my own visual images of characters and such. Not that I don't appreciate the manga and graphic novel genre. Anything that encourages kids to read is a good thing. I have noticed a lot of popular YA authors are coming out with their own versions of graphic novels. For example, Meg Cabot just released a sequel to her book Avalon High (2007 Lonestar Award winner) and the sequel is in graphic novel form. I really enjoyed Avalon High and was so disappointed when I heard that the sequel was going to be all comic book-y. I guess if I want to keep up with the teens, I need to bite the bullet and start reading some manga.

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Sheryl said...

Did you hear the story on NPR today about the Eisner Awards? I love it when book stuff gets such great media publicity (besides all the latest Harry Potter mania, of course).