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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

Instead of resolutions about eating right and exercising that will be gone with the wind after a few weeks (if that), I've decided on two book-related resolutions that I think I can actually do.  First, I am going to record all the books I read.  I did this in 2007 but totally got off in 2008.  I'm going to be diligent about it this year.  Second, I need to read more "boy" books.  I tend to read very girly books, and this makes it hard for me to do good readers' advisory for boys.  I'm still not sure if it'll totally help since I don't really like the "boy" books even when I read them (usually, not always), but at least I'll know some more plots.  Related to this, I also need to be reading the books that are not the self-sellers.  When book covers and plots sell themselves, I don't need to be reading them as much.  It's the ones that need a hard sell (but are good!) that I need to be reading.  That's why I brought The Possibilities of Sainthood home to read over the Christmas break: because no one has checked it out but all the reviews have raved about it.

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