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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best Books for Young Adults 2009

YALSA has the BBYA list up now. Here's the Top Ten:

Bowman, Robin. It's Complicated: The American Teenager.
Conner, Leslie. Waiting for Normal.
de la Pena, Matt. Mexican WhiteBoy.
Dowd, Siobhan. Bog Child.
Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games.
Fletcher, Christine. Ten Cents a Dance.
Monninger, Joseph. Baby.
Pratchett, Terry. Nation.
Tamaki, Mariko. Skim.
Voorhees, Coert. The Brothers Torres.

I'm happiest about Mexican Whiteboy and Hunger Games since I really liked both of those.


Holly said...

I have only read Hunger Games. I need to brush up on my YA reading. I did notice Mexican Whiteboy at my school library and briefly picked it up....does that count?

Bill Konigsberg said...
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Bill Konigsberg said...

Your two favorites on the list are my favorites, too. Loved Hunger Games and can't wait for the sequel. And Mexican White Boy was incredible.