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Friday, January 9, 2009

So long, Mia Thermopolis

Shortly before Christmas, I received an advance copy of Princess Diaries, Volume X: A Forever Princess by Meg Cabot. I have been following the Princess Diaries series ever since the first book and it was a bittersweet feeling to hold the final installment in my hands. While I was ready for some closure already, I was also sad to say goodbye to Mia. I have to say, this was my favorite book in the whole series aside from the first one.

A Forever Princess starts at the end of Mia's senior year. For her senior thesis, she has written a romance novel which she is trying to get published under a pseudonym. She is also still dating J.R. and planning on losing the big V to him on prom night. I won't say any more to avoid giving away key plot points, but I will say that I loved the way it ended and the all drama along the way.

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