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Saturday, August 18, 2007

High School Musical 2

Ok, last night was the Disney Channel premier of High School Musical 2...as I'm sure anyone between the ages of 8-15 knows...and I would like to say that I'm as big of fan of the first movie as any of them! So, I was excited last night to watch the much anticipated sequel, which promised to be one of the biggest 'tween events of the summer. However, it was about 10 minutes into the movie before I realized how wrong Disney was for making this film!

For High School Musical 2, the kids left the hallways of East High School for a summer of hard work in the local country club (think back to when Saved by the Bell did the same thing.) From here, the plot mainly just followed Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) in her attempt to land the most popular boy in school, Troy (Zach Efron).

Now, like the first movie, this one also had elaborate well-choreographed dance numbers....in fact, I would say the dance scenes were much more complex than those of the original...however, unlike the first film, the dance scenes in High School Musical 2 just didn't seem to flow with the "plot" of the movie. I also couldn't help but be disturbed at how none of the actors/actresses seemed to age a minute. What drugs is Disney using to keep those slaves....oh, I mean actors...so young? And are Zach Efron's eyes really that blue???

My advice is to skip High School Musical 2 and just watch the original again!


Gayle said...

I saw it too and have to agree that the first one was definitely much better. Too much dancing and singing didn't move the plot forward, rather it made the movie seem like it lasted forever.

Holly said...

Heehee, Toma nd I DVR'd this and watched it last night. I agree with you that the dancing didn't really seem to flow like it did in the first one. Especially the scene where Zach was dancing by himself on the grass/golf course. And, I kept asking Tom every two seconds if he thought those were blue contacts!

hwalk said...

(my advice would be to skip both.)