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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay, Holly. I finally finished Eclipse. Let the debriefing begin!

In deference to Cody who has not yet even gotten the book, I'll refrain from most commentary in the post and save it for the comments. But without giving much away, let me say this. I was never a huge Evanovich fan, but the Stephanie Plum series was fairly enjoyable to listen to on my commute. But I gave up on it around book 10 or 11 because Stephanie became so ridiclous and unbelievable. What woman (or generally sane person) knows that dangerous homicidal people are after her and refuses to take even the most basic of safety precautions like just staying home for a day? Answer: none. And I think Bella must be related to Stephanie because she is so selfish and unconcerned with taking any safety measures whatsoever. It's unbelievable and it's annoying.


Anna said...

agree. does it ever occur to her that things would be easier if she weren't so adamant about being with edward every single second?

Holly said...

With each book, Bella annoys me more and more.

Sheryl said...

So what was your over all reaction? I was hardly into the book, thus it taking me so long to read. I kept thinking, "Now remind me again why everyone is in love with Bella. And why does she love Edward? And what besides the scent of her blood makes Edward so in love with Bella?" I will say that after the big fight, things did get a little better in this regard for me and I could enjoy it more.

I was glad to see that Meyer tried to address why it was that Jasper and Alice's powers worked on Bella where no one else's do.

Cody said...

Wait, we can use "things that are annoying" as a tag now? Oh God, I think we have a new most popular tag!!! ;-)

Still waiting for my copy of Eclipse....how sad is that? And I was 44 on the list before the book came out...now the list is over 200 people!

Holly said...

My overall reaction was much like yours. Actually, I was more disappointed because I was under the impression that this was the last book and I couldn't believe she would leave us hanging like that. But, yeah, Bella has always been annoying to me, but never as much as she was during this book. Hopefully she smartens up in the next book.

Anonymous said...

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