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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


As librarians, we often get patrons who want book suggestions. We usually ask them what types of books they like and try to suggest something similar. One great website for this is LibraryThing. You can create your own account and enter what you are reading and what you have read (your "library"). You can connect to other people who have similar libraries and get suggestions off their list or you can simply type in a title and get several suggestions. BUT...that's not all this great website does...it also has an UnSuggester! What is an UnSuggester, you might ask? Well, you simply type in the title of your favorite book and it gives you a whole list of books LEAST LIKELY to share a library with that book. Genius! And also? Completely useless.

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Sheryl said...

I had to try it on some of our favroties. If you like Twilgiht, apparently there are several Christian-themed books you are unlikely to own. However, the most consistent unsuggestions came for those who like Looking for Alaska. Apparently, those readers are very unlikely to own anything by Stephen King or Terry Pratchett. Indeed, Pratchett's Thud! was also the highest unsuggestion for Levithan's Boy Meets Boy as well. I found it really interesting that Uglies's unsuggestions were predominantly famous philosophers (Kant, Russell, Weber, Goethe)--weird (yet totally irrelevant and unscientific!).