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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day Care Registration @ the Library a.k.a. Teen Volunteer Orientation

Now that the snow is melting and Spring is unfolding all around us, it's time to think of everyone's favorite time of year...Summer Reading. And what better way to begin Summer Reading than preparing to open our doors to each and every delinquent teen whose parents want to unload them for part, or all, of the day. To best prepare for this, the librarian(s) should spend countless hours in meetings creating rules and regulations to govern every minute of the volunteers time and freedom.

Sample volunteer rules to consider:

1) No calls, texts, IMs, pages, emails, postcards, or telegrams.
2) No drinking, eating, talking, sleeping, or breathing.
3) Do not look, smile, or even consider talking to the actual library patrons.

Now, I know this is but a short list of the rules you will need to establish. My recommendation is devoting at least 2 hours of staff time to the development of each rule...after all, we all know we wouldn't want to give those teens an ounce of freedom...I mean, it's not like they're real people or anything!

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