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Thursday, April 26, 2007

John Green is dealing crack...or maybe meth!

Ok, I'd like to bring a sad fact to everyone's attention. I used to work with these two nice normal librarians...we would have lunch every Friday, gossip about coworkers, laughed at patrons - everything a good librarian should do. However, a few weeks ago, these two former coworkers went to TLA and met the mysterious John Green. Ok, now I don't know if you've seen pictures of this man, but he's not really much in the looks department...definitely not someone you'd drool over. Well, ever since these two lovely ladies returned from their conference, they've acted as though the sun rises and sets on John Green's ass (and according to them, it's apparently the sexiest ass in the whole world!)

Now, recently I began reading Mr. Green's newest book, An Abundance of Katherines. While I'll admit that I'm only in the first chapters, I see little in Green's work that makes him worthy of my friend's idolization (a full review will follow once I've actually suffered through it!) Anyway, at this point, I see nothing in either John Green's appearance or literary talent that deserves such devotion. Therefore, I began pondering...what could cause such idolization? The only possible answer seems to be drugs! It's obvious that Mr. Green slipped my friends something while they naively waited in line to see Stephanie Meyer. Shame on you Mr. Green!!!


Sheryl said...


I think you have misunderstood. It's not about him being "hot." It's that we think he's witty (have you watch the Brotherhood vlogs?) and were charmed by his niceness when we met him and intelligent comments during his panel presentation. Of course, those things make a guy more attractive, but you're looking at the wrong issue. Stephanie is hooked on his blog and she didn't even see him at TLA. Maybe this is all because guys are visual and therefore you can't appreciate his geeky appeal? Maybe we're just total nerds?

I think it's kind of like how some people think Stephen Colbert is hot. He's really only mildly attractive, but since he's smart and funny, he has a big following and has even made some magazines name him in their "sexiest" lists. Same thing.

For the record, I *never* said anything about John Green's ass. Ever.

Holly said...

Me neither. I didn't even LOOK at it (I am a married woman after all).

Children's Librarian Extraordinaire said...

But that's just it, I don't find him to be particularly funny or original. In reading his book, I feel like I'm reading a cheap knock off of David Sedaris. Now, I'll admit again that I'm only in the opening chapters...but what am I missing!

Savagenoble[x] said...

John Green looks like a nice guy but I don't trust him. The amount control he wields over his community is disturbing and sad. These so called "Nerd fighters" should try to think for themselves and instead of at the whim of some preachy arrogant writer. also, underneath his charming facade he's got this weird undercurrent of philosophies running through him. He's one of those petty moralists that wants to shake his finger at young people and say "this is bad, that is bad" which I always avoid at all costs.