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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The greatness that is the brotherhood

Brotherhood 2.0. It must be discussed. Because 2/3 of this blog’s authors are in love with 1/2 of the Brotherhood. The brothers, John and Hank Green, have decided that they are not going to communicate for a whole year except through video blogs (also known as vlogs). The result? Comedy gold.

Sheryl and I met John Green at TLA. This momentous occurrence is something we are sure to mention whenever we discuss TLA. In fact, just this morning, at our All-Staff meeting, I showed a PowerPoint presentation that Sheryl and I (mostly Sheryl) put together that highlights our TLA experience. We were sure to include our pictures with John Green in the PowerPoint. I pointed out how John Green’s arm was around me in the pictures. I think everyone was duly impressed.

Ok, back to the point…Brotherhood 2.0 is great! Funny! Witty! Intelligent! And not just because John Green is geeky hot (um, how many times did I write “John Green” in this one entry?).

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Children's Librarian Extraordinaire said...

Ok, You guys have broken me! I'm giving up reading Hale's newest edition to her "Goose Girl" trilogy in favor of something by John Green. It had better be damn good...but you're still NOT going to convince me he's hot!