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Thursday, May 20, 2010

YA in Korean

Since my blogmate always updates us on the Polish book market, I thought I'd check out what was available in a Korean bookstore. First, let me say I have never seen so many Graphic Novels in my whole life! There was partically an entire floor devoted to nothing but Manga. I'm also proud to say that our two favorites were front and center (though it took me FOREVER to find the Twilight series since I was looking for the traditional black covers I've seen on all other editions.

I did notice a boy looking at "The Hunger Games", and it was all I could to to control myself and not gush about how wonderful that book is! (I didn't want to give the Koreans the impression we American librarians are complete crazy or anything...)


Holly said...

Oh wow, the Twilight cover...so interesting!

Sheryl said...

Interesting that it has the English and Korean title. Makes it much easier to figure out what the book is.

Cody said...

I thought it was most interesting the the titles aren't actually translated into Korea...it's just been converted from Roman to Hangul text. (So "Hunger Games" is "Hoeng-geo Ga-im") I don't know if that's just the trend when they do translations in Korea...but I'm surprised they didn't give them a title that the people could actually understand.