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Saturday, May 29, 2010

How is the SI Swimsuit Issue Like Custom Kicks?

Answer: They both tempt me into censorship.

I admit it. I don't put out the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Call me prude. Call me a censor. It just doesn't have much "sports" content and isn't appropriate for my high school. But I hate not to subscribe to SI because of the one issue. It's otherwise a really great magazine. I have another confession. I've ripped an ad out of a magazine before putting it out. It was either that or don't put out the entire magazine. See, magazines are so tricky because you can't evaluate what is in each issue until you get it. You can only look at the magazine as a whole and decide if you want to subscribe or not. And so what to do when you get an issue that has one random objectionable ad or one article about oral sex tips?

So I have this really cool book called Custom Kicks by Kim Smits and Matthijs Maat that is all photos of how people have customized their shoes. You can see some pics on Amazon here. The only problem is that this student discovered (actually, it was his mom) that there is this one picture of a woman's bare bum with just pink paint on it. It's really unnecessary (imo as a hs librarian, of course) to the rest of the book. So do I get rid of the whole book? Do I just leave it in the collection and pray that I don't get any parent complaints? If it weren't for that one picture...


Cody said...

How obvious is the picture? Is it something you would consider lewd? Without having seen it, I can't really give you my true opinion, but it sounds as though you're dealing with an art book - I mean, it's primarily photos, right? I would argue that you should keep it. You wouldn't discard a traditional art book just because it featured Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus", would you?

Holly said...

Just rip out that one page. I kid, I kid!