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Monday, March 9, 2009

Kindle Follow-Up

I posted recently about Kindle and how I think it (and ebooks in general) needs more portability between devices and formats. So the fact that Amazon released a free iPhone app is pretty awesome and just what I was talking about. I'm sure the Kindle reader is much nicer and easier to view, but this opportunity for ebooks to be delivered to other devices you already have and use is just what ebooks need. Personally, I can't imagine reading a book on my phone unless I'm desperate, but obviously not everyone feels that way. And if I could use public transportation to get anywhere, I'd probably like the ability to pull out a book on my phone and read (rather than listening to NPR or books on CD in my car, which is what I do now).

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Morgan said...

I have a kindle and it's great. Most people think that they would miss reading the paper versions of books but once I started reading on the kindle...it's harder for me to read in paperback or hardcover. I would have to agree that the kindle app would be harder...because there's not much room on the iPhone to read.