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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

Achtung: Lots of spoilers because I don't know how to talk about the plot at all without giving away a lot.

Aislinn is drawn to Keenan, even in a sexual attraction way, even though she is in love with Seth.  Seth is trying to be understanding and give her space, but he sees how Ash is attracted to Keenan.  Ash is having a hard time with her new life as a faery queen, and Seth is also feeling his mortality acutely since he can't really be there for Ash.  He can't protect her and he knows he's going to get older and die, while she stays young and grows closer and closer to Keenan.  Meanwhile, Keenan wants to be with Ash but also still loves Donia.  Bananach is flitting around to Donia and others stirring up trouble, trying to instigate a war.  Eventually, Bananach takes Seth to meet Sorcha, the High Queen, so that he can try to turn into a faery (even though his friend Niall warns him against it).  Seth knows he'll have to trade something in exchange for becoming a faery and needs to be careful about the terms he agrees to, but he attempts it anyway.  Sorcha does change him, but there are some terms he doesn't realize he has agreed to (although they are not all that bad, in my opinion).  All the time that Seth is with Sorcha, Ash thinks he has left her and she gets closer to Keenan, not realizing that he knows where Seth is (apparently everyone knows except Ash).  So the book is first Seth and Ash trying to deal with Ash's faery life and growing attraction to Keenan and then Ash waiting around unhappily while Seth is with Sorcha while he changes into a faery.  It's mostly a setup for the next book and impending war and chaos that Bananach has been trying to create.  I don't know if Melissa would want to hear this, but it kind of reminded me of New Moon.  Ash spends a lot of the book without Seth, growing closer to Keenan who consoles her, and not a lot really happens in the plot; it's more of a setup for the next book.  

I liked this book about as well as I liked Wicked Lovely, but not as much as Ink Exchange.  Like I said, to me not a lot happened.  Seth still seems a little too perfect, and I wonder if there is a reason why he is so special.  And when he was with Sorcha, he is apparently all artistic and creative, but I wish his artistic process was more detailed (more like the way the tattoo process was so well portrayed in Ink Exchange).  But I will say that it definitely makes me eager for the next book!  It leaves everyone and everything on the brink of some major confrontations and chaos.

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