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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kindle on The Daily Show

Jeff Bezos was on "The Daily Show" talking about the new Kindle. He sure laughs a lot. I like how Jon Stewart points out how Amazon Prime shipping isn't free and that Kindle costs quite a bit, especially considering you also have to pay to download individual titles.

I'm not totally sure how I feel about digital books and/or Kindle. I like ebooks for things like reference books because it's easier to search and cross-search, not to mention have multiple users, store, maintain physical integrity, etc. But when it comes to reading a book cover-to-cover, particularly fiction, I prefer a hard copy of a book. But we're in a digital age and we should take advantage of it, not to mention that if we're talking about teens, they are really comfortable with digital media. I wish there weren't so many formats. I think we need to move to formats that can be used on many different platforms. Students love their iPods, for instance. We need formats that cross media players not just for convenience but also so we as libraries can offer downloads more easily. This is another problem with Kindle because it can't work with the idea of libraries lending. I wish we could offer a way for students to download audiobooks to their iPods. The Playaways are ok, but I feel they'll be obsolete in a few years.


coffee said...

John Stewart is pretty dang funny so i can hardly blame that guy for laughing like a goofball

Sheryl said...


Cody said...

The Kindle is a complete joke! Who's going to pay $350 for the player and then $10 for each book... It seems like it might be a little cheaper to just go to the local public library - hell, we even have free digital downloads!

And I totally agree...he was heckling like a fool!