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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Book Covers

The Book Design Review has its best book covers of 2008. There are no YA books, but it got me thinking of my favorite book covers. I hate when a great book has a bland cover. Students will pick up a boring book with a great cover over a great book with a boring cover any day, and I don't blame them. Even when the cover is "perfect" for the book, that doesn't mean it's going to interest anyone in picking it up off the shelf. It's soooo frustrating for me as a librarian to get books with covers that I know are not going to sell the book. I love Hunger Games and Little Brother and I've been able to hand-sell those easily to students, not to mention they share them with each other, but the covers of those books could have been so much cooler. I didn't dislike those covers; they just didn't do justice to their books.

Here are my favorite covers of this year:


Anonymous said...

My favorite YA cover this year is Madapple by Christina Meldrum. Gorgeous, eye-catching, and a perfect fit for the book.


Holly said...

I read the Otherworldlies recently. I should review it.

Sheryl said...

I also liked Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. Even though it's not YA, the worst cover by far is The Goneaway World. The students I've convinced to read it have really liked it, but no one will even pick it up to look at it on their own.