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Monday, January 7, 2008

Racy Teen Lit!

Radar has a quiz that "helps you choose the racy teen novel that's right for you!" My results? "You like depressing, angsty novels about death/illness/divorce/eating disorders. May we direct you to a fine book from the 'literature of pain' genre? Before I Die by Jenny Downham." Umm, not so much. I actually don't usually like problem novels.

Oh yeah, there's also an article: "Pimples and Hos: A new breed of teenage lit has some grown women hot and bothered." Since romance books are great sellers, I'm not surprised that these books are popular, nor that adults would like them. The article also touches on recent "adult" authors who have made "forays" into YA lit. I probably have more to say about these issues, but I need to go eat dinner.

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