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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, thank God!

As loyal, long-time readers (ie. Holly & Cody) know, John Green has been dead to me for several months because I discovered that he is a pornographer. I was so distressed. But now he has cleared everything up and said that he is NOT a pornographer. This is so freeing, especially since he is Holly's boyfriend and geeky cute. Oh, and also a good author.

Cody is probably rolling his eyes, but I know Holly will be happy to hear this.

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Holly said...

I love this video! It makes me think of TLA when that lady got up aksed John Green if he could just "get over the whole oral sex thing" and he was all, "I assume you mean figuratively." Heehee. But his argument was pretty much what he said int he video. I like the Waiting for Godot reference. Man, that was a boring read. Can't imagine it as a play. Anyway, do you think I should try to teach "Looking for Alaska" in my Reading class? The high school Reading curriculum is so loosely defined that I pretty much get to make up my own curriculum. Now, my kids are struggling readers and probably wouldn't be able to read it alone (nor would they), but I bet we could do it all together as a class. Hmmmm....