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Monday, November 19, 2007

I Object to Objectification

You know I am not one to support objectification. I am the one who asked very politely if the announcements at my school could please not talk about how hot the volleyball players look in their spandex shorts. However, how did I not know about the Hot Men of Children's Literature? Better yet, why did we not think of this? Sure, we have our boyfriends, but we have never actually said that we think authors are hot, nor made a (probably irrelevant and demeaning) list of them. I am thinking David Levithan is missing from the List. (Can I also say how much I agree with fusenumber8's post about MTA because, hello?, glasses are hot?)

*Holly, you wouldn't even believe the curcuitous way I came to this site. It invloves your comment about 13 Reasons Why not being at the library and Asher's bio on iPage mentioning his inclusion in this list. I figure if someone's going to put it in his bio, I can in decent conscience mention it on this blog.

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