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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ARCs put to a good use

When I left my job as a YA librarian to teach high school Reading, I took my rapidly growing collection of YA ARCs with me. I placed them in a crate in my classroom and set them out for my students to peruse. Ok, the students that I have? Hate reading. Seriously hate it. But the other day, one of them started rummaging through the crate and picked out a book and asked if he could borrow it. I tried to stay cool, but inside I was all "Yes!" Then three other students wanted to look in the crate and each chose a book to take with him. They are reading outside of class! And no one is making them!

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Sheryl said...

That's awesome! I love it when I see students just pick up a book that we have sitting out. And then when they say something like, "Can I check this out?" or "I've never checked out a book before." :)

I have some more ARCs I can give you (including the Sarah Dessen!).