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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saving Nikki by Joyce Pierce

It has been a few months since we have done a book review here on ATR. Cody is off teaching English in Korea, Sheryl is busy building her dream house, and I have been caught up in preparing my students for their state mandated tests. However, I recently read a book that I enjoyed so much that I felt it warranted a review on our poor, neglected blog.

Saving Nikki by Joyce Mosley Pierce is story of a young girl with a troubled life. Abandoned by her mother, ignored by her father, and treated cruelly by her stepmother, Nikki is just looking for someone to love her. She meets the seemingly perfect guy whom she hopes will give her the love and attention she so desperately craves.

This book hooked me with the first chapter. Nikki is a likable character and the I was really rooting for her. It is a quick read and I stayed interested the entire time. The story is all about choices and the consequences of those choices...something I think many teenagers would benefit from reading!

Full disclosure: I do know the author personally (and I think she is fabulous), but that only prompted me to read the book. I enjoyed it fully on its own merits!

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Cody said...

isn't it odd how this has become the all "Holly" YA blog? I remember a time when Sheryl and I wondered if we'd lost you...now you're carrying the torch alone! I promise that I'll break down and actually buy some YA books for my Kindle...it's just more difficult when you don't have free access anymore!