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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Title: Test
Author: William Sleator
Rating: A-

Set in the near future, Test follows a group of students in a large American city were pollution is over-powering; traffic is a nightmare; class-ism is at an extreme; and standardize testing is the sole judge of academic merit. (Doesn't sound too distant, does it?!?)

In this environment, a local high school student, Ann, mysteriously finds herself enveloped in the plots of one of America's richest business-men, who just happens to be the publisher of the notorious test.

Ann soon discovers vast corruption behind the test and No Child Left Behind. With the help of a renegade substitute teacher, Ann and her friends boycott the test and use their evidence to create a national scandal...and some long needed educational reform!

The Good: I thought Mr. Sleator's setting was quite ingenious. Although there is significant evident placing this in a futurist realm, the direct links to so many modern issues make the setting almost current!

The Bad: Honestly, there really isn't anything I can state as being truly negative about this book. If force to list something, I would perhaps complain that the plot was wrapped up a little too quickly; I would have liked to see the ending extended a little more. However, I'm sure it's much more adolescent-appropriate as is.