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Friday, June 20, 2008

Twilight Questions

Since so many of you have requested these, I've decided to post the questions I created for my Twilight Ball. Before my trivia contest, I divided these questions into 3 seperate groupings: questions that were fairly simple; questions that would be difficult; and questions that I felt were practically impossible to answer.

When I began asking the questions, I started with the middle category; I quickly learned that these were far too easy. In fact, of the 40-50 questions I chose as the most difficult, only 4 resulted in wrong answers. (I believe the only questions that when unanswered were:
  • On what streets was Bella's old dance studio?
  • When Edward broke up with Bella and she got lost in the forest, why couldn't she find her way back?
  • Where did Carlisle teach upon leaving Forks?
  • How many vampires did the Volturi send to clean up the mess in Seattle?

I'd also like to warn that some of the Phoenix specific questions are a little more difficult due to the fact that my audience is from the Phoenix Metro Area. I hope these are helpful. I'd love to hear from anyone who actually uses these!


Anonymous said...

I'm terrible at trivia facts, but I think Carlisle went to Cornell to teach.

kayalib said...

Hey, thanks for the trivia! We are in the process of planning a Twilight party for teens to precede the upcoming movie. One of our activities will be a jeopardy game and I'm sure we'll be able to use some of your trivia-

Kath Ann Hendricks- YA Librarian
Marshall Public Library
Pocatello, ID