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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Twilight Ball

Well, I survived my big Ball! We had almost 200 teens show up for our dance/trivia contest!!! I can't even begin to describe how successful this program ended up being. The kids loved the trivia...although they knew the books way too well; they could even answer this question, which I thought was my most difficult - What was the street number of Renee's house in Scottsdale? Smart kids, huh?

The costume contest was also a big hit - though hard to judge. They especially loved that I had signed copies of Twilight as the prizes...you should have heard the winners' screams. The teens were already asking that we do a Harry Potter Yule Ball in December...we'll see about that.


Sheryl said...

Don't forget to post your questions!

How did you decorate? I noticed some streamers in the background of one of the pics. I'm so impressed with how dressed up they got! Have I told you about Melissa Marr's fairy ball we're planning for next April when Enthralled comes out?

Anonymous said...

Told everyone about the success of the program,they mentioned wanting your questions too!

Wanna see more pics!!!!!


Christina Hicks said...

Yes yes! More questions! I'm definitely interested throwing one of my own! Though I doubt I could get 200 kids to show up!