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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Library....Las Vegas Style!!!

In the past, my blogmates have posted library/teen services pictures from the various libraries they have visited on their vacations. Since it's been years since I had a "real" vacation, I haven't really been able to share pictures from exotic locales; however, this past weekend I spend some time in Las Vegas, and what did I happen to drive by - The Library, a small gentlemen's club just a couple miles off the Strip. Posted outside was a large "G.irls, G.irls, G.irls" sign, followed by the announcement of "Gorgeous Librarians".

Now, I love this for two reasons: first, I LOVE the whole sexy librarian stereotype. With crappy pay, horrible hours, and disgruntle patrons, we've gotta' take the few perks we can get! Secondly, I want you to take a minute and picture that frumpy, old coworker who makes your job a living hell (Jeri)...now picture him/her as an e.xotic dancer! For me, that image is priceless!


Sheryl said...

Cody, you crack me up. I think this picture is hilarious. A whole strip club based on the librarian fetish? Awesome.

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, I love this post. Hee-hee!

Anonymous said...

Big Yippie for us librarians. Make way more $$$$. susan