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Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Daughter: White House Rules

Mitali Perkin's First Daughter: White House Rules is a must read for teenage girls who are fans of Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries series. Like Princess Mia, Sameera is a genuinely nice girl who not only cares about social issues, but also just wants to fall in love with the guy. I like the spin of making Sameera the First Daughter. Since the days of Chelsea Clinton, haven't we all secretly wondered what it would be like living in the White House?

Sameera is the perfect role model. Almost a little too perfect. The one time she deceives her parents and sneaks out, she feels really guilty and ends up confessing to them anyway. Of course, she didn't get in trouble because her family is perfect. But, I have to say, I liked the story. There is even a little romance drama going on with Sameera liking a Hindu guy whose family does not approve of him dating a Muslim by birth. I always like a little romance. But mostly, I liked the character of Sameera. I liked that she decided to be the first First Daughter to attend a public school. I liked that she was respectful to her parents and that she genuinely cared about real issues. I especially liked that I could pass this book along to my 12 year old Mormon niece without having to cringe at the thought of her reading certain parts.

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