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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Authors Wanted

I think it is time for another author interview. I attempted to get one with P.C. Cast, co-author of the most excellent Marked series, but she did not respond. The first author interview we had here at ATR came about through a rather embarrassing blog entry where I posted my wish list of authors I would like to interview. The google-happy John Green found my wish list and graciously offered to be interviewed. Since it worked once before, I have decided to try it again. So...I would like to e-interview the following people (who hopefully like to Google themselves and turn out to be as awesome as John Green was about being interviewed):

MEG CABOT (I have read every single book you have written...even the 1-800 series)
SARAH DESSEN (Love your books. Love. Them.)
STEPHENIE MEYER (c'mon, we are both BYU alums!)
SCOTT WESTERFELD (I met you at TLA...that bonded us, right?)
E.LOCKHART (any secret sister to B2O is bound to be AWESOME)


Sheryl said...

I don't think SM googles herself, nor SW. EL just did a chat for Readergrlz, and I did one with her a number of months ago (remember her awesome cake?). After you read Wicked Lovely, I bet you'll want to interview Melissa Marr, who is totally wonderful.

Sheryl said...

Oh and I think SD said she stopped googling herself too.