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Friday, April 9, 2010

Why "Vampire Diaries" Makes Me Mad

I am referring to Vampire Diaries the CW series, not the books. When they first announced that Vampire Diaries (henceforth referred to as V.D., heehee) would we made into a television show, I had high hopes for the show, especially when I saw the cast of characters. But, one things has been driving me NUTS lately, so much so that I almost can't watch the show. It involves completely ignoring a major plot line.

One of the major plot lines initially was that the vampires could not go out in sunlight. The Salvatore brothers are able to go out in daylight because they have their magic rings, something Stefan said he hadn't heard of any other vampires having. They even went so far as Stefan taking Damon's ring to keep him trapped in the house at one point.

However, now their little town is being overrun by vampires who seem to be able to prance around in daylight without a worry. Maybe everyone suddenly has magic rings? But I don't see it on their fingers! Am I being too nit-picky here? I feel like in books, authors wouldn't be able to get away with such a huge omission, but on TV it is like, well, that whole no-daylight thing was pretty constricting, let's pretend it wasn't a MAJOR issue. What's next? Will vampires no longer need to be invited in? Will they no longer drink blood? I just keep hoping for the episode that explains it all.


Sheryl said...

I think you make an excellent point, Holly. I think working within these constraints instead of ignoring them is part of what makes the plot interesting (like how they have to enlist the teacher to help them with the bad vampires because Damon can't go in the house without an invitation (although he could have compelled it, apparently. But I LOVE Damon.

When is Elena going to start turning into a vampire? I want her to start getting with Damon. He's funny and hot and interesting.

Cody said...

Forget Vampire Diaries and just be glad Glee's coming back this week!