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Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Boys Are Reading

Just wanted to post about what boys are reading in my library right now. Other than manga, these are the books that are all checked out and that boys are always asking for.

If you're a YA librarian and you don't yet have the Halo Encyclopedia, this really is a must-have. The only way I knew about it was a student suggestion. He happened to be there when I was going through the magazines that had just arrived, and as he was looking at the gaming magazines, he said I should get the Halo Encyclopedia. I looked into it and saw that Microsoft had asked DK to create one like their previous ones with Star Wars. I know how great those are, so I went ahead and ordered a copy when it came out. It is SOOOOO popular. I haven't been checking out our one copy, but I ordered another so I can have one that circulates.

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